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Exterior & Interior Lighting

Some of the most common car and van electrical faults are related to interior and external lighting circuits and at the best of times can be a real headache to diagnose. It takes a systematic logical approach to problem solve any electrical fault and often requires specialist equipment to track down the problem.

The lighting on your vehicle is not only important in helping you to see whilst driving at night but also provides other road users and pedestrians visual indication of your intentions when manoeuvring. They are also key components in the road worthiness of your vehicle and if faulty can fail an MOT test or incur penalty points on your driving license.

The auto electrical technicians at Midland Diesel Solutions are time served and have extensive knowledge and experience to solve any auto electrical related problems. If you have any lighting problems on your vehicle, call us - we're here to help.

 Testing lighting circuit

Identifying the problem on a faulty lighting circuit can be an exhaustive process

Windscreen Wipers

The most common failure of your windscreen wiper system is the wiper motor itself. Occasionally something has worked itself loose in the actual wiper mechanism itself - in any case Midland Diesel Solutions have the experience and knowledge to rectify all windscreen wiper related problems. We can supply and fit all parts required and get you back on the road with the minimum of fuss and delay.

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