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ABS System warning light on?

ABS Warning lightThe ABS, or to give it it's full name, 'Anti-lock Braking System' on your vehicle is an important safety system that enables the wheels on your vehicle to maintain a 'tractive' contact with the road surface when the driver applies the brakes. The system basically applies electronically controlled 'threshold or cadence braking' that prevents the wheels from locking up and helping the vehicle avoid uncontrolled skidding.

A warning light appearing on your dashboard should not be ignored and at the earliest convenience, should be investigated further. Midland Diesel Services have considerable experience in all major OEM suppliers of anti-lock braking systems and can repair or replace any part of your ABS system such as the wheel speed sensors, ABS control module, pump motor or hydraulic modulator.

If your ABS warning light has suddenly come on we can fix it - give us a call on 01455 631821 or 07948 153532 to book your vehicle to get it checked out.


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